Day 1

Tonight I've finally been able to work through all of the creative and mundane tasks to make this site available to the public.  It's been a long time coming, and while I'm sorry that I haven't gotten it up sooner - I'm happy that I've put in the work.

Making soap is the easy part of this process for me - the hard part is putting part of myself out there - even behind the veil of Bathena. While I know that the product I've created is wonderful for skin and eco-conscious, it's another thing to try and convey that on the internet and in person via marketing.

Behind the scenes I've gotten so much encouragement from my husband, Jack, our friends, and family. I've also gotten valuable feedback with my initial run of soaps (now on clearance) - the new soaps use the same formula, but the colors are pumped up and the shape tweaked to better fit the hand.

I doubt Bathena is in it's final form - but I feel like she and I are ready to start walking. 

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