Seeds & Fruits List


Basil: Thai, Siam Queen 75 days Packed for 2019
Bean: Blue Lake 274 (Bush) - Heirloom - 55 Days - American Seed 12/2022
Bean: Blue Lake 274 (Bush) - Organic - 55 Days - Ferry Morse 12/2021

Calendula: Fancy Mix - Full Sun - Organic - 50 Days - Seeds of Change
Carrot: Danver's Half Long - 70 Days - American Seed 12/2021

Cherry Tree - Dawn's House - 3 Varieties, Planted Jan/Feb 2022
Cilantro - Organic - 60 Days - Burpee Seed

Comfrey: Russian, Blocking 14 strain (seed is sterile) Symphytum x uplandicum 
Hardy perennial herb that is renowned for its medicinal uses to aid in the healing of wounds, sprains and broken bones.  Crown cutting has both leaf buds and roots that will grow quickly and spread.  Comfrey works great under fruit trees to out compete grasses and other weeds.  Leaves grow to 24"+ and can be harvested for medicine, mulch or composted. Can spread a few feet so plant in a location where that is acceptable.  Once established its deep roots are known to "mine" up minerals and nutrients making them available in the more shallow areas of the soil. Dawn's House - Planted 02/2022, new cuttings 2023 LINK

Cucumber: National Pickling - 55 Days - Ferry Morse 12/2020
Cucumber: Straight Eight - 55 Days - American Seed 12/2021

Dill: Bouquet - 60 Days - Ed Hume Seeds
Dill: Long Island Mammoth - 65 Days - American Seed








KALE, BLACK TUSCAN  (50 DAYS) Brassica oleracea - 91% Germination Rate
This is an excellent Lacinato (or Dinosaur) type kale from the late Alan Vanet and SOW seeds.  With dark green leaves and resistance to both heat and cold, it provides tasty, nutritious, tender kale leaves for most of the year.  Very winter hardy it becomes exceptionally sweet after frost.  A proven farmer’s market favorite, it is beautiful to behold as well. HEIRLOOM - Purchased 02/2022 LINK




Onion: White Lisbon Bunching - 60 Days - American Seed (aka Scallion, Green)
Oregano: Greek Full Sun

Plum: Green Gage - Dawn's House - Small (1"), round, green plums. Plentiful. Neighbor shares and branches hang over.

Plum: Santa Rosa - Dawn's House - Planed 02/2022.

Plum: Italian (Probably) - Emily's House - Neighbor's branches hang over.


Rosemary - Full Sun - 90 Days - Burpee Seeds 11/2020

Spinach: Giant Nobel - Plenty of seeds, but germination is super low per comments from Sumo and Dawn.

Squash (Winter): Delicata: Honeyboat - Bush habit. This is a charming variant on the Delicata theme with shorter, fatter fruits that are 1-2 lbs with copper skin and green stripes rather than the typical pale yellow with green stripes of the Zepplin Delicata. Grow this for its incredibly sweet flavor and reliable storage qualities. Bred by Dr. James Baggett at OSU. LINK

Squash (Winter): Table Queen Acorn - 75 Days - American Seed 12/2021
Squash (Winter): Waltham Butternut - 75 Days - American Seed 12/2021

Thyme: Full Sun - 180 Days - Burpee Seeds - 11/2020

Tomato: DOUCET’S PLUM Solanum lycopersicum (60-70 days) One of the earliest tomatoes for the Pacific Northwest. Plum tomatoes are larger than a cherry, but smaller than a slicer (1 - 1 1/4" diameter), makes a great salad tomato. Originally obtained from the Sandhill Preservation Society. Indeterminate. Non-GMO, Open Pollinated LINK 

Tomato: GOLD BERRY Solanum esculentum (75 days) Beautiful cherry tomato. The unripe fruits are amethyst purple and they ripen to yellow. A selection out of Indigo Blue Berries. Great flavor fruits that are half bright yellow and half deep black/purple. A charming characteristic of this variety is that there is often a little yellow star set against the darker purple where the calyx ( or "hat" in the popular lingo) is. Indeterminate. LINK

Tomato: ROPRECO PASTE Solanum esculentum (70 days) A fine old Italian heirloom paste tomato that actually tastes good fresh, unlike the many mealy roma types out there. It is highly disease resistant to most common tomato foliar and fruit ailments. Does not require staking as it produces its fruit in a concentrated set. Suitable for sauce, drying and other canning projects. Fruits are 2-3 ounces, oblong and bright red. Determinate. LINK







Zucchini, Costata Romanesco (55 days)  ORGANIC 89% Germination Rate
Delicious Italian heirloom summer squash produces pale green fruits with distinct ribs. Although it yields lower than hybrid varieties, its flavor is far superior - creamy, nutty and with great texture. Exceptionally large blossoms lend themselves to frying well. HEIRLOOM, WGF - Purchased 02/2022 LINK

Zucchini, Dark Green - Non-GMO - American Seed - 12/2022